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faded blue toned portrait of Kevin Frankeberger, Ph.D. Kevin Frankeberger, Ph.D. - Overcoming Challenges - Disability Awareness in the 21st Century faded blue toned portrait of Cody
Coming Soon! Love is Blind: A Guide Dog's Life. Here is also an image of Kevin's guide dog on the beach.

This book is being co-written with my current Guide Dog’s puppy raiser Liisa Kyle.

Guide Dogs do more than just keep their blind handlers from walking aimlessly across busy intersections.  They keep us from walking aimlessly through life! Soon the entire Guide Dog Cody story will be in print.



At every presentation or public appearance I make I credit my existence today to my sons Brian and Jeff so it is fitting that this web site is dedicated to those great young men as well. They stuck with their dad through some dark times and that shall always be honored and never forgotten –the love of family is neat stuff! I hope you embrace yours as well!

It has been quite the road since that auto accident in 1995. Today is darn good. Wife Becky and I live by a little trout lake at the foot of the Olympic Mt. Range here in Washington State, USA with my guide dog, her guide dog and her retired guide dog. Yes, two blind humans and three large dogs. Often we are asked how two blind people can live together and maintain a household. Funny really. Just like others, we use a knife and fork to eat a steak…we just might touch it first before applying the knife. Isn’t life just like that? Touch, and then move in and make great things happen.

Enjoy touching this site designed by yet another loved family member, my niece Laura. Note the box about the upcoming book co-written with my Dog Guide’s raiser. That’s a really great thing happening. Tab around per how I might add to your staff training. Look at the story in “about” that brought me to this point in life.

I don’t have enough space here to give due credit to my entire family, past employees who lovingly still call me “Dad”, past clients who are now great friends and so on. Noted also is Marc Goldman of Damon Brooks Associates (info@damonbrooks.com) who put me in his stable of speakers along with Patty Duke, Montel Williams, Rachel Simon and so many more.

But like my beloved Dog Guide, all have helped me to not “aimlessly walk through life.”